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StarMap is a stargazing application which creates a 3-dimensional virtual sky filled with stars.

Accurately. Quickly. Elegantly.

This application is still under development, watch this space to get the latest updates.

118,218 stars simulated, precisely.

StarMap uses the Hipparcos Catalogue, which is a high precision dataset, created by the Hipparcos scientific satellite.

All stars rendered in under 11 seconds.

Speed and accuracy is key, especially when working with this many stars. Highly efficient coding practices are used.

Realistic star models and visuals.

The Unity3D engine and a high-fidelity render pipeline emphasises the advance mathematical formulas which perfectly balances each star’s size and emission.

Clean and minimal UI.

With 118,218 stars rendered on the screen, the UI must be as non-intrusive as possible. This is achieved with collapsable, minimalistic UI elements.

Wonderfully open. Open source.

The source code is available freely. You can view the progress of the development, and, help with making StarMap better.

Wonderfully open-sourced