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Powerful Python project which utilises artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand passages of text, just like humans. SummariserAI can summarise and re-word large passages of texts.

COVID-19 Dashboard

A very powerful COVID-19 dashboard. My first ever Python program. Utilising many powerful packages and frameworks such as Flask, Pandas and Bootstrap, to produce a visually pleasing web-app.

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Discover Tech

Discover Tech is an online platform where science, technology, space and environment-related articles are posted. I maintain this platform as well as post articles there.



WPapp is a program that I built in C# and utilising the Xamarin.Forms framework to turn any WordPress blog into a native mobile application. The code is open-source, with the GPL-3.0 License.


StarMap (in progress)

StarMap is a stargazing application which (as of now) uses the Hipparcos star catalogue, consisting of 118,218 stars, to create a 3D map of the skies. This software is built in C# using the Unity3D Engine. This project is still in development.


Learn Python

This repository holds all the Python programming tasks that I finish as I progress learning this language. This is not just a form of documentation of my progress, but also a tool which others, who are learning the language, can use to challenge themselves by completing the programming tasks which are included in this repository.

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