About Me

Prepare for a wall of text.

My name is Sidharth and I'm an engineering student and a self-taught full-stack Python developer based in London, UK. I have a strong interest in engineering, especially, the electronic and electrical discipline.

What fascinates me is the huge advancement in computing that has been achieved in under two centuries. From the Charles Babbage Difference Machine to the more modern, smaller yet immensely powerful computers we have today. All of this is made possible by the fundamental building block of today’s society, electricity.

My interest in technology began at a young age, when I built drones from the bare parts, exploring the electrons flowing from the LiPo battery to the microcontrollers and through to the brushless motors. To gain more knowledge of robotics, I took part in a course at Imperial College London where I built various robots using LEGO Mindstorms kits and competed against other students. This fuelled my interest as I then started and ran a Computing Club at my school. I planned lessons and taught computing to many students with Raspberry Pi computers, both in my age group and the younger year groups. This led me to achieve my Bronze Crest Award.

I took part in an Industrial Cadets course where I visited companies and universities. I engaged in problem-solving and critical-thinking team activities. Being the team leader in these exercises helped me in honing team-working, communication and analytical skills. My dedication was rewarded with an Industrial Cadets Award. To build my understanding of how Engineering and IT fields function in a corporate workplace, I attended a work experience placement at British Petroleum. During this, I shadowed staff from both the Engineering and the Computing departments. I took part in meetings and activities such as research tasks that were scheduled. Not only did I learn more about BP, but also gained a greater understanding of how Engineering and Computing are vital to today’s business environment. For this effort, I received a Silver Crest Award.

To stay in pace with the emerging technology, I’ve created Discover Tech, which is a website and a channel on Apple News, where I write and publish STEM-based articles. Talking about and exploring technology is one of my favourite hobbies, alongside playing badminton and the piano. The most popular article is about Samsung’s new Exynos chipset which introduces 5G connectivity to the latest Samsung phones. 5G internet speeds can be around 20 times faster than 4G. This captivating development brings the same speeds as a wired connection to a wireless protocol, solely due to a chip no bigger than a fingernail. My interests expand out of our planet Earth and into space. For my computer science coursework, I will be utilising a database with almost 120,000 stars to make a 3D map of the sky for the astronomy and stargazing communities. To help me with this project, I will be taking part in an online astronomy course run by The Open University which explores stars and exoplanets.

From a very young age, I’ve always dreamt about developing the next technological breakthrough. Just like how Jack Kilby created the first semiconductor IC chip and how Steve Wozniak hand-built the first Apple computer.